About Blanco County ESD 2

History of Blanco County ESD 2

Blanco County Emergency Services District (ESD) No. 2, was formed in May 1999 and serves the south portion of Blanco County and other areas outside the county for mutual aid.

Emergency Service Districts are local political subdivisions of the State of Texas that may provide Fire, Rescue, EMS and other emergency services.  They are formed by citizens who must request, by petition, an election to form the ESD and are primarily funded by an ad valorem (property) tax that, under State Statute, cannot exceed $0.10 per $100 of property valuation (a $100,000 home pays $100 a year for Fire & EMS services.)  The annual budget in 2023 was funded 69% by property taxes, 15% by Fire/EMS billing, 10% by sales taxes, and 6% by donations and other revenue sources. Blanco County ESDs are governed by a Board of Five Commissioners, appointed by the County Commissioners Court.  Blanco County ESD No. 2, depends on citizen donations, in addition to property and sales taxes, to offer advanced life support services and fire suppression 24/7.


Blanco County ESD2 is fortunate to have well-trained, dedicated personnel for our operations.  We have 17 full-time employees in addition to our part-time and volunteer staff.  We operate one ambulance, except during major events.  Our Fire Department is Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certified and is certified as a First Responder Organization with the Department of State Health Services.  Ambulance service is Mobile Intensive Care Unit (paramedic) level.  There are currently 17 Volunteer Firefighters, 12 part-time EMTs, and 1 part-time administrative assistant.


During Fiscal Year 2023 (FY2023), Blanco County ESD 2 had a total of 1,770 responses.

Our Fire Division had 706 responses, including 440 medical calls, 11 structure fires, 45 outdoor fires, and 5 vehicle fires.

Our EMS Division had 1,064 responses, with our highest call types being Traffic Accidents (239), Sick Person (151), Falls (135), Breathing Problems (55) and Chest Pain (52).