Why is there an ESD Annexation Election May 1st, 2021?

When the north Blanco ESD (ESD #1) was formed in 1989, the boundaries of the District were “the Johnson City ISD boundaries within Blanco County”.  When the south Blanco ESD (ESD #2) was formed in 1999 the boundaries were, “the Blanco ISD boundaries within Blanco County.”  A small section of Blanco County off Ranch Road 1623 is in neither school District but is in the Fredericksburg ISD.  Dating back to the 1800s when there were County Schools, this territory in Blanco County was closer to Stonewall and residents attended the County school near Albert, Texas in Gillespie County.  Through the years that territory remained in the Fredericksburg ISD and was not part of either Blanco ESD.  Between 1989 and 2007 no property taxes for ESD services were charged to residents, who did receive ESD services.  In 2007, for some unknown reason, the residents began paying ESD taxes which they never voted to be a part of.  All those years that territory received Fire & EMS services from ESD 1 or ESD 2.  In 2018 this error was discovered, and it left the territory without affordable Fire or EMS services.  For years Stonewall VFD has served this territory along with Blanco Fire Services.  But no EMS service comes to this territory from Gillespie County.  The ESDs cannot annex land without a petition from the voter/residents of a territory within Blanco County, but the ESDs also cannot provide free Fire and EMS services.  This is the last portion of Blanco County not included in either ESD.  The petition is requesting Fire and EMS services by paying property taxes to the ESD, as the voters in the District currently pay. 

What is the Process to apply for annexation?   Texas Health & Safety Code § 775.051

NOTE:  The South Blanco Library District is also holding an election for Board Members at the same place with the same voting hours as the ESD.  Information is available on the Library website www.blancolib.org  and County website where information about all May 1, 2021 elections is posted, http://www.co.blanco.tx.us/page/blanco.Elections.