Welcome to Blanco County ESD 2

Proudly serving South Blanco County with Fire/EMS services.

Group photo of BCESD2 personnel

The District serves 200 square miles with additional coverage for mutual aid and automatic aid.  The population is about 7000 people.  Within the District 10 % is residential, 3% commercial, and 87% is agriculture, wild land or undeveloped properties. The District includes one city, Blanco.  The City of has a population of 2,086 and is 3.4 square miles. The remainder of the District is rural and remote with large and small farms and ranches. Many of these are being developed into 50 to100 home subdivisions.  The Blanco River flows through the District and the District is bisected by a major U.S. Highway (US 281). The District is prone to droughts, floods, wildfires and automobile accidents. 

The ISO rating in the City is 5. Homes more than 2 miles from the station usually have a rating of 10 due to the distance and lack of water.